"Miscellaneous Rental Equipment"

Company/Name Services  Job Pay   
Digima24, Inc. Producers , Production Companies - Corporate, Industrials ,[...] Locations Available , Technical Advisors , Translators and[...] Lighting and Grip Equipment , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment ,[...] Technical Directors , Technical Producer , Video Editors , VTR and[...] Studios and Stages , Camera Consultants , Project Managers and Consultants , Subtitles and Translations ,[...] Fully Paid
Foundry Park Inn & Spa Hotel Accommodations , Audio-Visual Equipment Rental , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment ,[...] Massage Therapists, Fully Paid
Joelle Ré Arp-Dunham Schools and Training - Art, Film, Multimedia, Video , Researchers[...] Miscellaneous Rental Equipment , Actor / Performer, Assistant Directors (1st, 2nd, 3rd) , Assistants[...] Acting Classes and Work Shops , Casting Assistants , Dialect and[...] Motion Capture , Fully Paid
JuiceCar Accommodations , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment , Transportation Coordinators, Transportation Captain , Prop Cars , Transportation Department , Fully Paid
KP Surplus Audio-Visual Equipment Rental , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment ,[...] Antiques, Period Items , Medical and Scientific Equipment , Prop[...] Fully Paid
Lighthouse Communications Production Companies - Film , Producers , Crews and Crewing Agencies[...] Translators and Interpreters , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment , Audio-Visual Equipment Rental ,[...] Assistant Directors (1st, 2nd, 3rd) , Production Assistants ,[...] Walkie-Talkies , Fully Paid
SphereVibe Films Associate Producer, Crews and Crewing Agencies , Production Companies[...] Entertainment Attorneys and Lawyers , Audio-Visual Equipment Rental , Lighting and Grip Equipment ,[...] Actor / Performer, Camera Operators - Video, Casting , Crane[...] Camera Repair , Casting Assistants , Cranes: Mobile, Stage and[...]
The Society of Greater Things, LLC Producers , Crews and Crewing Agencies , Production Companies -[...] Film and Video Festivals , Screen and Script Writers , Miscellaneous Rental Equipment , Actor / Performer, Assistants to Producers and Directors , Best Boy[...] Writers , Fully Paid
Trane Rental Services Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, Miscellaneous Rental[...] Air Conditioning and Heating , Basecamp Power Services , Electrical[...] Fully Paid
TSAV Audio-Visual Equipment Rental , Broadcast Systems Integrators ,[...] Camera Operators - Video, Music Video Soundmen , Fully Paid