"Make-Up Artists - Special Effects"

Company/Name Services  Job Pay   
Acoustified Production Companies - Multimedia, Web , Production Companies - Music[...] Audio Supervisor , Camera Operators - Film , Camera Operators -[...] Fully Paid
Aurora Coast Production Crews and Crewing Agencies , Producers , Production Companies -[...] Accommodations , Editing Equipment, Lighting and Grip Equipment , Sound Equipment,[...] 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller, 2nd Assistant[...] 2D and 3D Animation , Animation Department Head , Animatronics ,[...] Fully Paid
Crawford Media Services Production Companies - Animation , Production Companies - Corporate,[...] Art Directors , Assistant Art Director , Audio Post Studio Mixers,[...] 2D and 3D Animation , Audio Post, Recording, and Mixing Facilities ,[...] Fully Paid
Robert Johnson Art Dept. Coordinator , Make-Up Artists (2nd, 3rd, Assistants) ,[...] Art and Display , Animatronics , Fully Paid
Technikohler Makeup Artistry Key Make-Up Artists , Make-Up Artists (2nd, 3rd, Assistants) ,[...] Fully Paid
Tylar Carver Key Special Effects , Make-Up Artists - Special Effects , Make-Up[...] Fully Paid