Jason Anthony Fisher


Phone: 702-788-2639
Email: Jafisher37@gmail.com
Watkinsville, Georgia 30677



About Jason Anthony Fisher:

Jason Anthony Fisher is a screenwriter. director, producer, and location manager/scout, as well as a one on one screenwriting coach and screenplay consultant.


Associate Producer The Owl in Echo Park (Feature Film) 2016
Executive Producer/Producer Setting Solstice (Short) 2016
Executive Producer/Producer A.K.A. The Surgeon (short) 2015
Executive Producer/Co-Producer Limbo (short) 2015
Executive Producer/Producer Punching Bag(short) 2012
Producer Breakfast & Epiphanies(short) 2010
Associate Producer Foreclosure City (Feature Documentary) 2010
Associate Producer Julie the Blind girl (short documentary) 2010
Executive Producer/Producer The Lex Luthor Show (short) 2008
Director Setting Solstice (Short) 2016
Director A.K.A. The Surgeon (Short) 2015
Co-Director Limbo (short) 2015
Director Punching Bag (short) 2012
1st. A.D. Happy Anniversary 2011
1st A.D. The Lex Luthor Show 2008
Writer A.K.A. The Surgeon (short) 2015
Writer The Lex Luthor Show (short) 2008
1paid Option and 1 Sale of a feature script to Paramount Studios
Co-Wrote a feature length script that was a semifinalist in Project Greenlight three.
Wrote, directed and produced the Platinum award winning film for the Nevada category of the Nevada International Film Festival, titled A.K.A. The Surgeon.
Location scout Setting Solstice (short) 2016
Location scout Limbo (short) 2015
Location Manager A.K.A. The Surgeon (short) 2015
Location Manager The Lex Luthor Show (short) 2015

Multiple References:
Sidney S. Liufau 702-301-2735
Brent Lewis 323-384-4352
Reid Andrews 404-210-0143
Ryan Golchuk 323-359-8525
Kelly Schwarze 702-481-0946
Mark Katzman 212-729-1773
Sam Osman 702-616-3502
Dane Ngahuka 702-755-6994
D.M. Fazio 702-589-0409

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