David Torcivia

Recommended By: E.McGaw , Richard Marty Simpson


Phone: 7068194055
Email: david.torcivia@gmail.com
Athens, Georgia 30601



About David Torcivia:

David has been dabbling with film and video since 2001. It began as a harmless interest that soon engulfed him. Since then his work has been displayed at Cannes, he's attended the Oscars, and he has contributed to films aired both nationwide and internationally.

Based in Atlanta, he divides his time between wrangling photons and composing shots. Working primarily as a DP or gaffer (and the occasional operating job), he's happiest when allowed to express his creativity. He works carefully and efficiently with a light glaze of dry humor.

A technical maven, David is compulsively up to date on the latest technologies and trends of the industries. He regularly discusses these developments at PoetZero of which he is a founding member. Outside of cinematography, he works as a technological (camera and workflow) consultant.

David also works as a colorist enjoying crafting the final look of the image and maximizing the captured information.

When not on set, he can be found shooting still photography or deep underground risking his life to discover unexplored caverns.

Reel: http://vimeo.com/35182725
Portfolio: http://davidtorcivia.com/



Additional credits available upon request.

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


Production Staff & Technical Crew

Colorists, Color Correction Artists
Directors of Photography - HiDef
Directors of Photography - Video

Post Production & Interactive

Colorists and Digital Intermediate