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Adrian Dent
Phone: 8706394978
Memphis, Tennessee 38128



About Wintermagic Film Studios/ Adrian Dent Pictures:

Independent Film Producer/Director looking to build my resume, so if you have any projects that you need help on feel free to contact me.


1.Director of Right Choice Tax Services TV Commercial

2.Director of "I Shine" Music Video
Music Artist Z-Dogg

3.Director of "Raleigh on the Map" Music Video
Music Artist Z-Dogg

4.Director of "Push of a Button" Music Video
Music Artist Spiffy J

5.Director of "My Style's Killin" Music Video
Music Artist Polo Capriati

6.Director of "Get That" Music Video
Music Artist The Area Boyz

7.Director of "Music Mudera" Music Video
Music Artist, Spiffy J

8. Co-Director of "Furious Styles" Music Video
Music Artist, Polo Capriati

9.Director of "Anything but Ordinary" Documentary
Based on my lifes story

10. Director of "Driven-The Series (TV Show)

11.Director of "Ravenswood" (TV Show)

12. Director of "Get Some Millions" (Music Video)

13. Director of "Heat" (Music Video)

14. Director of "Temptation" (Music Video)

15. Director of "Murder These N!gg@z" (Music Video)

16. Director of "Jump Back on Hard" (Music Video)

17. Director of "Keep Movin' On" (Music Video)

18. Director of "All On Me" (Music Video)

19. Director of "Drug Attic" (Music Video)

20. Director of "4 Cell Phones" (Music Video)
21. The Deep State Movie
22. Incensed Movie
23. Black Oak Movie

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


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