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Andrew Shearer
Email: gonzoriffic@gmail.com
Commerce, Georgia 30529



About Gonzoriffic:

If monsters, punk rock and feminism sound like a unique and wonderful combination to you, there's a good chance you will also find me unique and wonderful. Since 2001, I have completed and self-distributed over 50 short films, two anthologies and one feature, all with a sharp focus on original, empowering roles for women. I have also programmed nearly two dozen festivals celebrating the work of modern underground film makers. My heroes include John Waters, Catherine Breillat, Doris Wishman, Ed Wood, Russ Meyer and the Kuchar Brothers.


The majority of my films have been self-distributed, but some are available via Amazon On Demand. Please check here for a small selection of titles: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1751788/

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


Pre Production

Screen and Script Writers
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Production Staff & Technical Crew

Directors - Features, Film

Post Production & Interactive

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