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Athens, Georgia 30605

About Athens Freelance Producers:

Im a freelance producer, with vast experience in pre production, production and on site production assistance in any kind of film project, with excellent planning and organizational skills. I am a serious professional, but also easy going.


TV Vocation SRL, Argentina
Production Assistant in the realization of the program "Public Affairs" which is broadcast every Thursday by the Metro channel at 23 hours. Assistance in pre production and during the recording of the program.

Movie Festival Vocation SRL, Argentina
Production assistant "Scandinavian Film Festival," the tasks of production, contact the embassies, suppliers and owners of the film Atlas where the festival took place. Also to control and monitor the festival during and post development.

Development, realization and integral production sample of the artist Plum Cabral in Recoleta Cultural Center, attended by more than 70,000 people over four months.
Realize Various taks from negotiations with the authorities of the Recoleta Cultural Center, to logistics and transfer of over 100 works of art, as well as assist in contact with suppliers and media.

Vocation SRL, Argentina Assistant Production Area
Graphic production of the official magazine and shooting of offcial videos of the Teatro Colon and Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Coordination between design, content generators and suppliers graphics.

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


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