Brian Armes


Phone: 310.903.3279
Athens, Georgia 30605


About Brian Armes:

***Recently moved to Georgia!!

I am a graduate of the American Film Institute with experience in producing, writing, directing, and teaching. I enjoy work fueled by my passions in film, dramatics, and education. I have worked as a production mentor and manager on over 170 short projects at AFI. Lately, I have been teaching production, acting, and writing in Kentucky, and am looking forward to new creative opportunities in Georgia!


"Dollarstore Christmas" - Music Video (HD), Matt Schaffer, Producer - 2010
"Lush Life" - Music Video (HD), Rene Hoobyar, Producer - 2006
"A New Season" - Promo (DV), First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Gretchen Larkin, Producer - 2006
"LiveWire" - Promo (DV), Frank Perez, Exec. Producer - 2006
"Sunday Mourning" - Narrative Short (DV), LA Filmworks - 2005
Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp Promotionals - Promo (DV), Franconian Mennonite Camping Assoc. - 2003-04
40 Years in the Wilderness: The History of Spruce Lake Retreat - Documentary (DV), Franconian Mennonite Camping Assoc. - 2003
"Like Father" - Narrative Short (8mm), Los Angeles Film Studies Center - 2000

Watch Me Suspense/Noir feature Flagship Pictures
Family Affairs Thriller feature Flagship Pictures
Game Night Comedy feature Available
Texas Wedding Mudslide Massacre Disaster/Rom-Com feature Available
We Have Met the Enemy Historic War feature Flagship Pictures
Hipp & Edgy Teen Comedy feature Taurus Road Productions
Some of That There Justice Comedy short Flagship Pictures
A&P drama short American Film Institute, 2004

Lush Life Music Video (HD) Rene Hoobyar, Producer 2006
LiveWire Promo (DV) Frank Perez, Exec. Producer 2006
Snapshot Narrative Short (HD) Kevin Coleman, dir., AFI 2005
A&P Narrative Short (DV) Anna Christopher, dir., AFI 2004
The Weiner Man Narrative Short (DV) Justin Bull, dir., AFI 2004
Face of Love Narrative Short (DV) Kevin Coleman, dir., AFI 2004

Production Mentor Flow Documentary (HD) Houston Raef, dir. 2013
Production Mentor The Syndicate Narrative Short (HD) Brandon Barger, dir. 2013
Pre-Production Consultant (uncredited) Some Girl(s) Feature - Patty West, Producer - 2012
AFI Coordinator The Honey Sting Narrative Short (HD) Dwjuan Fox, UPM, 2008
Unit Production Manager Quake Narrative Short (35mm) Jennifer Glynn, prod. 2005
Unit Production Manager Man of the House Narrative Short (35mm) Cynthia Graner, prod. 2005
2nd Assistant Director What Love Is Feature (HD) Pamela Grainer & Katy Fox, UPM, 2006
Assistant Prod. Coordinator Rampage Superstar Narrative Short (35mm) Cynthia Graner, prod. 2008
Assistant Prod. Coordinator Milwaukee Tools Commercial (HD) Gabriel Reiter, UPM, 2008
Assistant Prod. Coordinator No Smoking PSA Commercial (HD) Gabriel Reiter, UPM, 2008
w/ Eugene Levy
Production Assistant Universal Morning Commercial (35mm) Park Pictures 2006



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