James (Brandy) Spear


Phone: 478.954.4218
Email: brandyspear@hotmail.com
1391 Malcom Bridge Road
Bogart, Georgia 30622

About James (Brandy) Spear:

My career includes 15+ films as camera assistant including Paris Trout with Academy Award winner Robert Elswit (Cinematography2007 for There Will Be Blood), and Ken Burns The Roosevelt’s (airing 2013). Over the last few years in addition to my AC work I’ve been fortunate to serve as the DP/Operator on a variety of quality projects with Bright Blue Sky Productions in Macon. Highlights include a feature Documentary on The Allman Brothers time in Macon for the Big House Museum called Please Call Home: The Big House Years, and Song and Soul of the South, for the Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau, and 30+ short bio films for the Georgia Women of Achievement Organization.


Scanna Energy-1st Assistant Camera. Arri Alexa.
Xfinity-2nd Assistant Camera. Digital-F3 and 7D.
Ford- 2nd Assistant Camera. Digital-F3 and 7D.
Drake Video Shoots--Fancy; Miss Me.* 35 mm.
The Roosevelt’s-2nd Assistant Camera. Alan Moore DP. Super 16mm
Song and Soul of the South-Operator. Hi Def.
Please Call Home-The Big House Years-DP. Hi Def.
Little Chicago- 1st Assistant Camera. J. Griffin Ricker DP. Digital-Varicam
Escape From Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story-2nd Assistant Camera/B-Camera 1st AC. Steven M. Katz DP. 35mm
Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 262-2nd Assistant Camera/C-camera 1st AC. William Wages DP. 35mm
Complex of Fear- 2nd Assistant Camera. Nic Knowland DP. 35mm
I’ll fly Away- William Wages DP. (Day player) 35mm
In the Heat of the Night- Assistant Camera. Peter Salim DP. (Day player) 35mm
A Kiss To Die For- 2nd Assistant Camera/B-Camera 1st AC. Jeff Jur DP. 35mm
Gordy- Richard Michalak DP. (Missouri Shoot) 35mm
Love Potion # 9- 2nd Assistant Camera. William Wages DP. 35mm
Wife, Mother, Murderer- 2nd Assistant Camera/B-camera 1st AC. Joseph Pennella DP. 35mm
The Perfect Tribute- 2nd Assistant Camera. Tom Burstyn DP. 35mm
Paris Trout- 2nd Assistant Camera/C-Camera 1st AC. Robert Elswit DP. 35mm
The Rose and the Jackal- 2nd Assistant Camera. Dietrich Lohman DP. 35mm
Blood Salvage- 2nd Assistant/Camera/B-Camera 1st AC. Michael Karp DP.
1969- 3rd Assistant Camera. /Jules Brenner DP.* 35mm
Friday the 13th Part VI- Camera Apprentice. Jon Kranhouse DP, 35mm


IATSE Local 600

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


Production Staff & Technical Crew

1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller
2nd Assistant Camera/Clapper-Loader
Directors of Photography - HiDef
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