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177 South Homewood Drive
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About Plumgood Productions:

Plumgood Productions is a boutique script to screen film production company dedicated to producing award winning Documentaries, Fictional Films, Commercial productions, and Music Videos. We specialize in the production of High Definition, short and long form documentaries. At Plumgood Productions we take extreme pride in our work often going the extra mile to deliver you a product you can be proud of. We produce projects in High Definition, Standard Definition, and Film.


Documentary: Restoring Honor: The Case of Chaplain Plummer, The Man Who Ran the Planet, The Legacy of Adam Francis Plummer, Feature: Mentality. Short: The Truth, Not by the Wealth. Many Political and local commercials, Coverage of Presidents Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. along with numerous debates, conventions and elections.

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Fully Paid


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