Sound Solutions


Dr. David Mitchell
Phone: 706-546-7082
Athens, Georgia 30683


About Sound Solutions:

Film score composition, sound design, engineering, and foley by a professional musician with a diverse, eclectic portfolio of award winning, published compositions.


Specters of the Outer Spaces - Feature Length Film
Water Witch - Documentary
Metropolis – Silent Film Score for ARP 2500 and Musque Concrète
Diffusion – Video Game Score and Sound Effects
Filtration – Video Game Score and Sound Effects
Osmosis – Video Game Score and Sound Effects
Interstellar Road Trip – Video and Electronic Music
Poems of the Deep Song – Quadrophonic Playback and Video by Marie Porterfield
Scapegoat – Video and Sythesizer


ASCAP, Phi Kappa Phi

Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


Production Staff & Technical Crew

Audio Post Studio Mixers, Re-Recording, Foley Work
Foley Artists
Music Video Soundmen
Sound Editors

Post Production & Interactive

CD and DVD Mastering
Music Composition and Sound Design
Stock Music and Sound Effects