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About the.sound.mine:

All your Audio post production needs. Everything from Sound Design, to composition. Rates dependent upon project.


Including but not limited to
°Faith Hill-Unreleased(Setup Assistant Engineer) - 2007
° Secrets of the Heart (FOH Sound Assistant, Live Record Assist and Setup) - 2007
° Barlow Girls-How Can We Be Silent (Assistant Engineer-Tracking, Vocal and Guitar
Overdubs) - 2007
° Barlow Girls-How Can We Be Silent (Digital Editing, Vocal Tuning) - 2007
° Bibleman (Sound Design, ADR) - 2007
° Miranda Lambert (Setup Assistant Engineer) - 2006
° Tanglin Arts Studio of Dance “Happy Feet Singapore” (Digital Editor) - 2006
° Nashville Songwriters Festival (FOH Engineer) - 2006
° Judgment – Judgment (Engineer/Producer) - 2005
° Carmina Burana (Pianist) - 2005
° Animal Planet –Wildlife Journal (Sound Design, Assistant Mix Engineer) - 2005
Understudied and/or assisted:
Trina Shchoemaker – Grammy Winner
Fred Paragano – Dove Winner
David Leonard – Grammy Winner
Chuck Ainley – Grammy Nominee
Greg Droman – CMA Winner
Otto Price – Dove Nominee
Julian King – Grammy Winner
Doug Metzger
Will Mitchell



Required Payment Type:

Fully Paid


Production Staff & Technical Crew

Audio Post Studio Mixers, Re-Recording, Foley Work
Audio Supervisor
Sound Editors

Post Production & Interactive

Audio Post, Recording, and Mixing Facilities
Music Composition and Sound Design