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"We're the smallest couty in the state, but we have 37 venues for music and 550 bands, We have two opera companies, three symphonies, at least four independent theaters, a bus system, gardens, coffeehouses, great restaurants, music, piercings, conservatives, liberals, athletes. We have everything here, and that’s why I love it."
-Leara Rhodes

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Clarke County was founded in 1801, while the city of Athens was not chartered until 1806. As Georgia’s smallest county, at 122 square miles, is located 61 miles northeast of Atlanta and home to 103,000 students and citizens. In 1991, the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County became the 28th consolidated city-county government in the U.S. and the third in Georgia. Athens-Clarke County’s current mayor, Heidi Davison, was elected 2002 and will serve until the new mayor-elect is inagurated in January 2011. The Unified Government provides employment for 29% of the work force. More information on the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County can be found at

Athens is also home to the University of Georgia, the nation’s first state-chartered university. Established in 1801, the university has more than 34,000 students enrolled in one of 15 colleges and schools. The main campus of the University is located on 615 acres just south of historic downtown Athens, while the total acreage of the university is 42,010 spread out over a 30 county region.

Athens, Georgia is home to 38 nationally registered sites and 15 nationally designated historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places. There are nine local historic districts and 41 individual local historic landmarks. It is also the Southeast’s largest and most concentrated collection of gardens and specialty nurseries including the state botanical garden.

The University of Georgia
The University of Georgia’s Main Campus is located on 615 acres just south of historic downtown Athens. During the school year. The city of Athens sees an influx of more than 34,000 people made up of entirely students at UGA. During football season there is an influx of over 100,000 people on homegame weekends depending on the opponent. UGA’s north campus and downtown Athens become a vast ocean of people which could either benefit or hurt your production. Keep this in mind when producing a schedule.

Athens is quietist and most easily accessable during school breaks and in the summer months. UGA’s school calendar can be found at and the athletic calendar for all Georgia athletics is located at