About Film Athens

Film Athens is a non-profit organization that serves and educates the film community and fosters the growth of the film industry in Northeast Georgia.

Our year round staff includes Executive Director, Danielle Robarge Rusk, and Director of Development & Marketing, Stephanie Skinner.
Our board is a vibrant mix of entertainment, technology professionals, and community leaders, which includes Chris Hines, Mark Acosta, Bethany Iverson, and John Baker. Our Sprockets Music Video Festival staff includes Ryan Lewis, Joey Foreman and Chisolm Thompson.

What does Film Athens do?

We feel strongly that filmmaking should be accessible to all. Our programs are designed to teach production techniques to beginner and professional filmmakers alike, to encourage artistic collaboration while cultivating appreciation of film within our community.

Education partners:
Clarke County School District & Athens Technical College oversee Career Academy "Film Lab" and production resources
Cine Theater film production workshops and screening events
Clarke County Water Conservation Office co-sponsor "Ripple Effect Film Project"

Sprockets International Music Video Festival is the longest running film festival exclusively for music videos in the world. Athens, GA is known worldwide for its vibrant local music and arts scene. Away from hubbub of the big city, we feel Athens is the perfect location to bring together the international music video industry.
Film Athens seeks to energize and promote our local filmmakers with filmmaking competitions such as 24hour-ish Scavenger Film Festival, Ripple Effect w/ Clarke County Water Conservation Office, and Project TeenScreen.

Film Athens serves as a resource to the Athens community, local filmmakers, film enthusiasts and those associated with/interested in learning about the film industry. We provide a forum for information, support, and sharing through networking events, our website (www.filmathens.net) and social media outlets.

We host monthly and quarterly networking events to provide an opportunity for the local film community to exchange ideas and discuss upcoming projects. For people not involved in the film industry, we provide information on what the local film community is all about, the art of filmmaking and film exhibition.

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Andrew Shearer, Gonzoriffic Films:
Film Athens has done more than just encourage me to make movies. It has unified an entire group of filmmakers in our community and given us a home.

Marty Cronk, Randomosity Productions:
Film Athens has made a huge difference to Randomosity Productions. Through their website clients have found and hired us for a variety of projects. We've networked with the vibrant community of local filmmakers which has helped us build a base of talent and a strong demo reel. Through their workshops they connected us with experts in specialty roles, such as organizers of film festivals, notable local directors and writers. Recently they have connected us with a capable intern, helping to ramp up the company's productivity right at the moment that we were ready to grow.

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