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4 Awesome Events brought to you by Film Athens!


1. The 24 Hour-ish Scavenger Film Festival is coming to Athens!

Heads up folks!  At 12 noon, Sunday, April 21st, you will be given a prop, piece of dialogue and a secret third requirement. You have just one day-ish to make a movie...take a chance.


Additional Info at
questions to
Register at Flicker Theatre and Bar - 263 W.Washington St. Athens, GA 
FREE for Film Athens Members!

2. February workshop: ACTION ON FILM WORKSHOP (led by professional stunt man)

This 1.5 hour class will cover basic camera tricks used to maximize safety when shooting action sequences for your film or music video project. Local stunt man Andy Rusk will demonstrate the picture punch, the head take, and how different camera angles can create the illusion of mortal peril!
2pm Sunday February 24th
Register here:
FREE for FIlm Athens Members!

3. Sprockets Music Video Festival - Call for Entries - starts this FRIDAY!!

And yes - discount on entry fees for Film Athens members!!!

4. Save the date - the next Get Exposed! Film Athens Networking Event will be Tuesday March 19th 
The event will be located at Highwire Lounge, with snacks sponsored by Trappeze Pub!!  
Always FREE!


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