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Ciné needs our support!


Did you know that major studios will stop printing movies on film sometime this year?

After that, the newest films will only be available digitally. The conversion is expected to save the studios $1 billion annually but nearly 20% of all theaters in North America will disappear because they can't afford digital projection.

“Convert or die.” This is how John Fithian, CEO and president of the National Association of Theatre Owners, has repeatedly set the terms. For most theaters looking to endure in the digital age, community support has been the number-one factor in determining their survival. 

Ciné needs our support  
Digital conversion will cost $70,000-$115,000 per screen! To help raise funds needed for the conversion Ciné has created a Kickstarter campaign. So far they have raised $50,000 but they still have $10,000 to go.

Only 6 days of the Kickstarter campaign - kick in now!


And check out the fundraiser going on Tuesday August 13th!

Best of the 48 Hour Film Project featuring winning film by Standoff Studios 'Last Fair Deal Gone Down'

6:45pm hors d'oeuvres from 5 & 10, Last Resort, Home.Made Catering and Cecelia Cakes
8pm Top 5 winners for the 2013 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project

Get tickets here: -- All proceeds go to Cine for the digitization process! 

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