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Create the illusion of mortal peril!


To all actors, filmmakers, curiosity seekers - It's getting close - this workshop is this Sunday (2/24) 2pm at Ciné. It'll be done in plenty of time for you to tell everyone at your Oscar party about what you learned! Register now:

Ciné & Film Athens present:

ACTION ON FILM WORKSHOP (led by professional stunt man)
2pm Sunday February 24th at Ciné

Our first in a series of technical workshops - this 1.5 hour class will cover basic camera tricks used to maximize safety when shooting action sequences for your film or music video project.

Local stunt man Andy Rusk will demonstrate the picture punch, the head take, and how different camera angles can create the illusion of mortal peril!

See the camera tricks projected live (with special guest director Brett Vaughn!) throughout the demonstration!

More info & sign up form here:

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Andy Rusk grew up in Athens, GA, and works as a professional stuntman. Credits include; The Hunger Games 2, Scary Movie 5, The Spectacular Now, Flight, Teen Wolf, and Cardboard Warfare 2.

The Athens Film Arts Institue (AFAI) is a local nonprofit organization with an educational mission that supports Ciné in its programming of exceptional films and other media. AFAI ensures that Ciné – with its location in a historic building downtown – can continue its unique and vital role in Athens’ cultural life as a community arts center.

Film Athens is a non-profit networking and support organization working to educate, promote and advocate the growth of the film community and film industry in the Athens Georgia area.We seek to highlight Athens as an inexpensive/friendly location for feature film productions and TV commercial shoots. 


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