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Do your TEENS want to act? Starting Oct 15th - Actor’s Gym for Teens!


Does your teen have stars in their eyes? Do they have a charismatic way about them that makes people say they should be in front of the camera? Our team has a class that can help!

Starting October 15th - Film Athens Presents:


A six-week course for ages 13-17 focusing on the fundamentals of acting for film, building confidence, audition skills & more! 

4-6pm Every Wednesday @ the Film Athens Film Lab
October 15th - November 19th
For ages 13-17

Students will begin building acting skills and reinforce their natural talents. They will understand the basics of what is needed to be effective on film and at an audition. We use games and fun techniques to create a healthy mental approach to acting, build confidence  and try to remove the intimidating factors of performing. The formation of great habits will begin, these habits are often what separates actors from one another.  As students start to feel connected to their characters and their audience, they will be ready to move on to a more advanced curriculum. 


Instructor Bio:
​George started acting professionally in 1999. He's worked on almost every type of project an actor can do. This includes appearances in national and local commercials, indie and mainstream films, industrials for Fortune 500 businesses and music videos. He's acted in films that have been in major festivals including the Coca-cola film fest, Sundance, slamdance, Dixie and spaghetti junction.   George has received recognition in magazine and web articles.  

He has continued to educate himself on acting through classes, coaching and studying. His  experiences in the industry can help mentor careers
while stimulating a student's growth as an actor. 

George is currently teaching our wildly successful adult acting class ACTOR’S GYM: THE ROAD TO BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR - every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm


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