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Exciting Announcement! Become a Member of Film Athens!


Hello Friends of Film Athens!

Today we have an exciting announcement! (Exciting announcements usually take a lot of words to explain so please bear with us...)

Last year was a big year for Film Athens and for the film scene in Athens. Touring industry pros, Clint Eastwood at the Globe, film production trucks everywhere in the month of July... The good news is that this is just the beginning. In the last fiscal year film productions in Georgia spent over $879.8 million and delivered a total economic impact of $3.1 billion dollars and the industry is only growing statewide!

Film Athens is going to make sure that 2013 will be even bigger for Athens and we want you to be a part of it!

We invite you to join us and become a Supporting Member of Film Athens!

Back in 2004 we offered membership but we quickly realized we weren't established enough to make the member benefits fit the cost. Membership seemed more like charity and we're not about charity. We're about celebrating film, supporting filmmakers, economic development and putting people to work doing what they love. Now after 10 years of doing our thing, we are excited to offer membership with benefits that will enable individuals and companies to do and achieve more.

For those who don't know us so well, let's back up a little bit and talk about what we do and why you should be a member.

First off -what does Film Athens do?
» We promote and foster the local independent film scene through workshops, screenings, networking opportunities and events.
» We promote the Athens area to the film, video and commercial production industry as an inexpensive/friendly filming location with resources to handle any size production.
» We communicate and meet regularly with groups such as the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office, Georgia Film Office, and Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau to coordinate, facilitate and promote Athens as a film location for outside independent and major motion film.

Specifically things like
host quarterly networking events »
offer online resources like a production directory, permits & area contacts etc. »
bring top industry pros to town »
host the longest running film festival exclusively for music videos in the world »

And you can see some of the 2012 press here »

So why should you be a member?
By becoming a supporting member of Film Athens you will help increase the ability of our organization to support local filmmakers, including students, actors, and industry professionals, and expand the film industry in Athens and the surrounding area. 

TV, Film, and video production have provided a financial boost to many areas of our local economy (accommodation, transportation, food service, legal, banking etc.), so we have tailored our member benefits to serve all individuals and businesses in Athens and beyond. You don't have to be a filmmaker or production-oriented business to take advantage of Film Athens member benefits. Let our skills, experience, and network of contacts work for you. 

There are lots of benefits to becoming a supporting member - read more here »

And just so you know we're not making this stuff up - here's what other folks are saying about us:

"Film Athens has done more than just encourage me to make movies. It has unified an entire group of filmmakers in our community and given us a home."
Andrew Shearer, Gonzoriffic Films

"Film Athens has made a huge difference to Randomosity Productions. Through their website clients have found and hired us for a variety of projects. We've networked with the vibrant community of local filmmakers which has helped us build a base of talent and a strong demo reel. Through their workshops they connected us with experts in specialty roles, such as organizers of film festivals, notable local directors and writers. Recently they have connected us with a capable intern, helping to ramp up the company's productivity right at the moment that we were ready to grow." Marty Cronk, Randomosity Productions

This is brand new so please feel free to let us know what you think. We would love some feedback or ideas on other benefits that we could offer.

And always - thank you for your support!
Danielle R.

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