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Fall 2014 Weekly Acting Classes - Starting With 2 FREE Classes!


We are very excited to announce that starting August 19th local professional actor ​George Adams will be teaching a weekly adult acting class in the Film Athens "Film Lab." 

Get your feet wet- Learn to create dynamic characters and how to work as an actor

2 FREE Sampler Classes!  
6:30-8:30pm Wednesday, August 20th and 27th, 2014

Ongoing Classes Every Wednesday​ 
6:30-8:30pm - $65 per month - discount for 3 month sign up!

Max class size is 20 so sign up now! »

The goal of the acting courses is to get students on the right path to work in film and television. Students will receive education in the creative and business aspects of film. This is an exciting time for the film industry in Georgia and it is a perfect time to explore a job in film. 

Sttudents will learn:

  • Finding your inner actor
  • Auditioning for on­camera work
  • How to find work and spot scams
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to use social media to your advantage, web presence
  • How to market skills you already possess
  • On­set conduct
  • Mental preparation
  • Marketing your type
  • Headshot, resume, reel
  • Networking
  • Clothing and body type
  • Cooling down
  • Setting your price
  • Memory techniques
  • Delivering a charismatic and memorable performance

Instructor Bio:
​George Adams started acting professionally in 1999. He's worked on almost every type of project an actor can do. This includes appearances in national and local commercials, indie and mainstream films, industrials for Fortune 500 businesses and music videos. He's acted in films that have been in major festivals including the Coca-cola film fest, Sundance, slamdance, Dixie and spaghetti junction.   George has received recognition in magazine and web articles.  

He has continued to educate himself on acting through classes, coaching and studying. His  experiences in the industry can help mentor careers
while stimulating a student's growth as an actor.  

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