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Film Athens Presents:  LEARN & KNOW PHOTOSHOP


Film Athens is excited to announce our upcoming Film Athens EDU class "Learn & Know Photoshop!"

Not just for making movie posters - from fictional beer labels to crew maps to set - Adobe Photoshop is used in many ways in film production. But what's even more exciting - although we will talk a bit about how Photoshop skills can be used in film - this class is not just for film folks - this class is for anyone interested in learning Photoshop!

Film Athens Presents: 

Not just the basics - learn to know Photoshop and see how it is applicable in real work and life situations. Art is everywhere. 

DATE: Every Thursday April 16th to May 21
TIME: 6:30-8:00pm 
COST: $110

Your business, your hobbies, your social presence...all these things hold a design element close to its chest. We all know how much a first impression is worth. By becoming familiar and able in the industry standard design tool Photoshop you will be able to make that first impression one with a bang, a pop, and an appeal to the eye.

Photoshop takes a minute to lean and lifetime to master. Melissa will get you in there with basic knowledge, some tricks, and hands-on projects to use and hammer home your new knowledge.

Objectives (presented in sequence):

  • Intro. A bit of basic history of use along with an intro to raster and vector standards moving into the basic tools and settings you will need to produce a project.
  • Selections and masks along with a more in-depth tutorial of knocking out complicated backgrounds such as behind hair.
  • A study of basic portrait retouch and alteration including removing unwanted objects.
  • Working with text in Photoshop including text on a path, text in a shape, and effects.
  • How to turn a sketch into a finished work such as a label, logo, poster, or a social media banner.
  • A tricks and fun stuff class along with a brief traipse over to Adobe Illustrator to wrap up.

Instructor Bio: 
Melissa McKim was born in the Silicon Valley during the original 70s-80s PC boom She was one of the first people she knew with a home computer. She was programming in BASIC as a tot and using a drawing tablet when they weighed 15lbs. A born artist from the cradle, Melissa is a professional illustrator and design artist. She has been working with Photoshop and other Adobe products for twenty years. She uses Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for most all of her professional and creative pursuits including advertisements, social media, printed materials, layout, apparel, logo design, font and typographic creation, and pure art. Melissa has lived in Athens for 21 years and much of the work she has done is local including two runs of AthFest shirt designs, design work, logos for Film Athens and the Sprockets International Film Festival, and work for innumerable local bands.

PS Another THANK YOU to all those who helped "Fund the Film Lab" - because of you we are able to offer this great class!!

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