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Where do we even begin with Athens Slingshot??! Art, Music, Film, Tech... Wow!

This being a film-centric mailing list I'll focus on the screenings going on...  there is SO much more so check out the Slingshot website and Facebook page for all of everything!

Athens Slingshot Festival presents THE TAIWAN OYSTER at Ciné March 10th

We have seen this film and we LOVED IT! This film is fun, thoughtful and beautifully shot. GO SEE IT! 

Showing at Ciné Sunday 3/10/13 at 5:00pm
(and get tickets early - sold out right quick the 1 other time it played here)  

From the "film" section in the Flagpole article on Athens Slingshot:

"Small Planet," a showcase of ethnographic and experimental shorts screening in Ciné’s theater, will feature North American premieres of Than, by London-based filmmakers Danny Winkler and Emilia Loseva; Transit Zone, by Spanish filmmaker Santiago Parres; and Awakening, by Virginian A/V artist Will Copps. In addition, selections from Petites Planètes, an ongoing series by Paris-based, nomadically living filmmaker Vincent Moon, will be screened at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Much more than a mere archival project, Petites Planètes is a subjective collection of recorded portraits exploring the music and rituals of cultures across the globe.

Film Screening: "Small Planet" (at Athens Ciné)

Ethnographic and musical explorations from around the world

Selections from "Petites Planètes" (2011-)
Vincent Moon (Paris, France / nomad)
With musical collaborators

"Than" (2010) - North American Premier
Danny Winkler and Emilia Loseva (London, England, UK)
Music by Charlemagne Palestine, David Coulter & Jean Marie Mathoul
27 minutes

"Transit Zone" (2012) - North American Premier
Santiago Parres (EZO) (Valencia, Spain)
8 minutes

"Awakening" (2012) – North American Premier
Will Copps (Alexandria, VA, USA)
Music by Will Copps
7 minutes

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