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Last chance to sign up for our 6 Week Photoshop Class!


Don't miss out on our 6 week Photoshop course "Learn and Know Photoshop" starting Thursday April 16th!

This course is designed to teach you basic tools and settings you will need to produce a project and how to touch up portraits, remove unwanted objects, work with text and how to create labels, logos, posters, or a social media banners.

Sign up ends tomorrow!

Instructor Bio: 
Melissa McKim has been working with Photoshop and other Adobe products for twenty years. She uses Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for most all of her professional and creative pursuits including advertisements, social media, printed materials, layout, apparel, logo design, font and typographic creation, and pure art. Melissa has lived in Athens for 21 years and much of the work she has done is local including two runs of AthFest shirt designs, design work, logos for Film Athens and the Sprockets International Film Festival, and work for innumerable local bands.

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