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Love movies? Love Athens? You’re going to love this idea… (a letter from Danielle)


Hi friends!

Recently I had a someone tell me that Film Athens has so much going on it's a little confusing. 

It's true! 

Film Athens has classes and screenings and production resources and music video festivals and networking events... I could talk at length about all the exciting developments and potential of everything we do!

I'll try to keep this message simple: I'm writing to ask you to donate $10 to FUND THE FILM LAB today.  

You may be reading this because you love movies or perhaps you are an independent filmmaker or musician. Maybe you are interested in the economic development potential of the film industry in Athens. 

Whatever your connection is to Film Athens - we know you understand the growing need for film production education.  


  • Through a partnership with the Clarke County School System and Athens Technical College, Film Athens is providing educational opportunities to adults and students in a specially designed classroom called the FILM LAB, housed within the Athens Community Career Academy
  • The Career Academy offers for credit college classes for Clark County high school students free of charge. It's progressive partnerships with local businesses helped it win the honor  of " Georgia Career Academy of the Year" for 2014.  

Film in Georgia

  • During 2014 Fiscal Year  - 158 feature film and television productions shot in Georgia generating an economic impact of $5.1 billion - creating  77,900 jobs and $3.8 billion in total wages. (more
  • The economic impact and need for skilled workforce is expected to double over the next 5 years. (more


  • The classes we currently offer have been hugely successful ( but, in order to offer training on industry standard software and equipment, Film Athens needs to upgrade and expand the FILM LAB
  • In addition to offering classes we hope to provide "open lab hours" for the community to use these resources and the self teaching tools.

Our first fundraising goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase:

  • Adobe Cloud software (editing, special effects, graphics)
  • Pro Tools software (post production sound editing)
  • Lynda (professional online classes)
  • Sound recording equipment

I know I was going to keep it simple! And there is so much more I could share...

We have a website where you can read more about our FUND THE FILM LAB campaign: 

There are many levels of support with great perks that will give you access to the FILM LAB resources and promotional opportunities for businesses but, for today, we're just asking if you would donate $10 to help FUND THE FILM LAB.

I often tell people "look at what Film Athens has accomplished with no money and no staff, image what we can do once funded." With your help, we're going to get there.

Love movies? Love Athens? You're going to love this idea...  

As always, thank you!
Danielle Rusk
Film Athens, Director/Founder

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