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Presenting Sprockets 2014 Judge: Caroline Bottomley!


Caroline Bottomley set up and manages RadarMusicVideos, an award-winning network of over 10,000 music videos directors worldwide. Radar helps labels and artists commission exciting, engaging music videos for affordable budgets. Majors, independent labels, managers and DIY artists use the service and last year over 100 music videos were commissioned.

Caroline started her career as a successful club and live promoter at Sheffield venue, The Leadmill. She then worked in TV production on many award-winning programmes, before launching Radar. Radar began as a music video festival in 2007 and become the current commissioning network model in 2009.

She’s a regular speaker at conferences, about the business of music video. She a jury member for the UK Music Video Awards. She has an MBA specialising in marketing and is a member of AIM.

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