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See Brand New FLICKSKINNY True Tour Story @ Sprockets! (8 DAYS)


Have you ever been at a party where someone tells his or her “customer service story?” This tale mentions an interesting and unusual behind-the-scenes experience with clients is recounted to the delight of fellow partygoers. Music and celebrity publications have told similar stories regarding bands and signers in their gossip columns. Athens, GA film critics Clint McElroy and Jeremy Long have taken the concept of this type of story and applied it to the music scene. The result is the animated Flickskinny True Tour Stories, an annual staple to the Sprockets Music Video Festival.

The duo plan to release a special treat to this year’s Sprockets festival, which is now in its 9th and it is the longest cartoon Flickskinny has ever produced for the Sprocket’s festival. According to Jeremy, this year’s cartoon is titled “Bomb Fest,” While he wasn't willing to reveal the band that is the subject of the cartoon, he did say that all ages from “45 to 87” will be delighted by the cartoon. 

Curious about the subject of this year’s cartoon, or music videos in general? Catch this year’s animated true story of a band on tour at the Sprocket’s Music Video Festival - July 18th & 19th in Athens GA . For ticket information for the Sprockets Music Video Festival, please visit In the meantime, 

(Jeremy has asked that you “tip your bartenders” and visit the duo’s website at

-story by Erin Miller

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