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Sprockets Goes International & Adds Local Georgia Showcase!


Sprockets Music Video Festival started in 2004 as a locals only show. Over the years Sprockets expanded it's reach... we started getting videos in from across the country and then across the sea.

Growing to be an international film festival has been an amazing experience. There are so few opportunities for directors to showcase their music videos on a big screen and in a festival setting. There are even fewer chances to show their video it at a festival exclusively for music videos. We are proud to give filmmakers a place to show off their amazing talent and hard work!!

Due to the high volume of entries recieved this year, we have decided to expand the festival and add a second - completely different - video show!

We are still working out details but here's the basic gist:

Saturday June 15th: Sprockets Music Video Show! Screening in-competition music videos -  truly an international film festival featuring 26 videos from 15 cities in 6 different countries. Come vote for Audience Choice Award!

Thursday June 20th: Flagpole Music Awards: Best Music Video & Audnce Choice awards announced. Winner receive crazy cool trophy's made by Mike Harboldt & Andy Flage from Saint Udio!

Saturday June 22nd: Local Georgia Showcase Let's celebrate the kick ass videos from our local filmmakers! 

Check out the full schedule here:

As we grow we want to make sure we highlight both local and international talent which means some restructuring will be needed. We appreciate your support as we make this incredibly exciting transition!

Hope to see you at all of the 2013 Sprocket events!!!

the Sprockets Team

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