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Tonight! Happy Hour & Morton Theatre Documentary Screening


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TONIGHT  (Tuesday Aug 11th) - Special Screening - The Soul of Athens: A History of the Morton Theatre 

5:30pm - Film Athens' 2nd Tuesday Happy Hour
7pm - The Soul of Athens: A History of the Morton Theatre
7:30pm - Director Q&A with Keith Plummer

The Soul of Athens: A History of the Morton Theatre / Directed by Keith Plummer / 27 mins

The first in depth documentary on Pink Morton the building the theatre and it's influence on Hot Corner and the Athens community.

Directed by multiple award-winning documentarian and Athens resident Keith B. Plummer, “The Soul of Athens: A History of the Morton Theatre” tells the story of the century-old Washington Street building built by Monroe Bowers “Pink” Morton in 1910.

“Researching, sifting through clippings, hearing old stories, and filming that Beaux Arts building made ‘The Soul of Athens’ a challenging but very rewarding experience,” says Plummer, whose previous credits include the 2012 feature, “Before The Memories Fade: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement.”

Together with the now-gone Union Hall and Samaritan Building, the Morton Theatre became a hub for the black community in Athens, and was part of the core of the downtown black business district known as the Hot Corner.

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