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Whitestone Motion Pictures is Accepting Applicants for 2012 Protégé Program - deadline Feb. 16


Whitestone Motion Pictures in Atlanta is Accepting Applicants for 2012 Protégé Program

For the fourth year, Whitestone Motion Pictures is inviting individuals interested in the making of films to apply to its Protégé Program. This year’s areas include of Directing, Screenwriting, Film Scoring, Visual Effects, Costuming, Branding, Web Development, and Crew.

The Whitestone Protégé program is an intensive one-year apprenticeship that requires talent, discipline, consistency, and thick skin. Protégés learn by doing, and most are asked to produce content on a consistent (often weekly) basis. They will also be required to purchase and read books and attend monthly all-staff development meetings. We teach the things you can’t Google and learn on your own!

Protégés must live in the Atlanta area (at their own expense) and be able to attend meetings in the Buford, GA. All the work protégés do will be unpaid. Any work assigned to a protégé as part of the program will be the property of Whitestone Motion Pictures. Any protégé who fails to attend meetings or neglects to complete assignments will be removed from the program. Screen credit will be awarded as appropriate for work completed as a part of produced films. Basically, it’s film company boot camp.

Whitestone Motion Pictures is an active and growing film company. Successful protégés become part of the Whitestone community, have access to top leaders, learn and grow in their skill areas, are developed in leadership and self-management, and get to be part of Whitestone vision to change the world.

Space in each area is very limited. The admission process is highly selective.

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