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[Workshop] HOLLYWOOD 101: Screenwriting Do’s, Don’ts & Why’s - Saturday September 20th


Attention writers, directors & producers: 
Film Athens is very excited to announce our upcoming workshop: HOLLYWOOD 101: Screenwriting Do’s, Don’ts & Why’s taught by recent Athens transplant Brian Armes on September 20th from 10am-2pm. 

This one day workshop will "demystify the screenwriting process" and help save you from a lot of rejection, headaches, and painful rewrites. If you are a novice looking for advice, an aspiring screenwriter looking for direction, or an experienced writer or producer looking to hone your skills, this workshop is for you!

More info and link to register below!

8 Week Screenwriting Series
- stay tuned - "HOLLYWOOD 101: Screenwriting" is a precursor to an 8 week intensive screenwriting workshop Mondays starting in October! 
Acting class on Wednesdays! There are a few spaces left for our ongoing acting series "Actor’s Gym: The Road To Becoming A Professional Actor
Networking! - Our quarterly event will be September 13th - RSVP on Facebook:  Get Exposed! A Film Athens Networking Event [Welcome Back Students! Edition]

 HOLLYWOOD 101: Screenwriting Do’s, Don’ts & Why’s 

Learn the “do”s, the “do not”s and the all important “why”s essential to the craft of Screenwriting

DATE: Saturday September 20th 2014   
TIME: 10am - 2pm
COST: $40

The screenwriter writes “Fade Out.  The end.”  But that's only the beginning!  Come, survey the landscape of the film industry through the lens of “The Life of a Screenplay”.  Many screenwriters have good ideas for movies, but cannot move producers to make them realities.  Many screenwriters write and rewrite, forgetting their first audience: the Reader.  Knowing what directors, producers, and financiers are looking for in a screenplay can demystify the screenwriting process and save a lot of rejection, headaches, and painful rewrites. 

If you are a novice looking for advice, an aspiring screenwriter looking for direction, or an experienced writer or producer looking to hone your skills, this workshop is for you!  

Students will learn:

  • Story Essentials
  • Cinematic Storytelling and Structure
  • Introduction to Character Creation
  • Common Formatting Pitfalls
  • The Screenwriter and the Production Cycle
  • Hollywood and the Screenwriter
  • What Agents and Managers can Do for You (and What They Can't)
  • The Worth of a Graphic Novel 

Instructor Bio:

Brian W. Armes has overseen production on over 170 short films and taught filmmaking classes for high schools and colleges across the country.  He earned a B.A. in Writing from Taylor University and an M.F.A. in Producing from The American Film Institute Conservatory where he studied with D.C. Fontana (Star Trek) and Neil Canton (Back to the Future).  He was second assistant director on the independent feature film What Love Is.  As a director/producer, Brian has helmed several short films, music videos, and stage productions, including a 2013 staging of The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie and in 2014 original production Apocalyptic (both in Lexington, KY).  Over the past two years, Brian taught Cinema History at Eastern Kentucky University and variety of writing, directing, and producing classes at the Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati.  A recent transplant to Athens, he is currently in rehearsal for the Circle Ensemble Theatre's October 2014 production of Romeo and Juliet and developing feature film projects to shoot in Athens.

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