Film Athens presents:

Workshop: HD Video Production Bootcamp

DATE: Saturday May 31st & Sunday June 1st
TIME: 10am - 2pm (both days)
COST: $150.00

Room 88 @ the Film Athens "Film Lab" >>

HD Video Production Bootcamp

Two 4 hour days including hands-on experience shooting. Everyone will shoot and set up lights and microphones during this class.  
DV Camera Bootcamp is designed for beginners and intermediates who wish to improve their basic skills. This class will shoot on location and conduct hands-on camera and lighting exercises at our studio/school. Students will learn practical use of a camera, how to light a subject and record the proper sound.

Instructor Keith B. Plummer is an award winning Director/Cinematographer.  He worked 9 years as Chief Photographer for a Washington D.C. television news bureau. Filming Presidents at the White House to covering natural disasters, Keith's ability to capture and convey the moment helped to create a name for himself in the broadcast industry. Keith’s passion for creativity lead him to start his own production company, Plumgood Productions, in 2002. Since then keep Keith has directed, produced, edited, written and of course been the cinematographer on numerous film projects for theatrical, broadcast and corporate release.
Students Learn
  • Basic Camera operation -Understand the Buttons on your Camera
  • Framing a shot -Composition
  • Fixed lens vs removable lenses
  • Tripod vs Handheld -Bracing the camera
  • Understanding Exposure and Color Temperature
  • Professional Lighting -Tungsten and Daylight
  • Understanding light modifiers -Soft box, flags and reflectors
  • How to Light a subject or scene
  • Understanding Audio
  • Selecting the correct mics -Audio levels
  • Production words and terms
  • Hands-on HD Camera use and tips
  • Storyboard vs Blocking
  • Downloading your footage and Logging
  • How select your best clips
This bootcamp includes setting, lighting and shooting a short scene or interview. All student footage will be lightly critiqued to improvement shooting and production skills. Students are welcome to bring in their own camera.

Class size is limited to 15 participants. Ages 15+

Level: Beginner/Intermediate 

A limited number of scholarships are available for Clarke County students and teachers. Contact for more info. 


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