Production Guidelines

Production Rules and Regulations

Productions may not:
1) Use private property without permission of owner
2) Block entrance to any privately owned property without permission of owner
3) Drive in any area not designated for vehicles without prior approval from the government.
4) Park illegally
5) Park cast or crew vehicles on the streets without permission of the government.
6) Block emergency lanes
7) Cause excessive noise during ‘quiet hours’ designated in noise ordinance

Productions must obey all local, state, and federal laws.

Only uniformed ACC police officers may stop or redirect traffic contact the ACC Police Department. Stopping traffic may not interfere or redirect school or transit buses. The ranking police officer reserves the right to release blocked traffic at his or her discretion if it’s determined that it is a safety hazard or creating traffic flow problems.

Production Vehicles:
Production vehicles shall not enter the area before the official call time. All vehicle engines must remain off unless involved in shoot. These vehicles will observe designated parking areas and must leave the location at the designated time. Vehicles shall not park in, or block driveways without the express permission of the municipal jurisdiction and driveway owner.

Towing of Vehicles:
The removal, moving, or towing of the public’s vehicles is prohibited except when approved by the government and conducted by an authorized police tow truck.

All trash must be disposed of properly upon completion production. Use proper receptacles for disposal of trash and cigarettes. All catering, crafts service, construction, strike and personal trash shall be removed from the location.

Observe designated smoking areas and always extinguish cigarettes in trash cans or receptacles.

Removal, trimming and/or cutting of vegetation or trees is prohibited unless approved by the proper authority or property owner.

Do not trespass onto other neighbors’ or merchants’ property. Remain within the boundaries of the property outlined in the Project Information Sheet.