Project Requirements
& Information Forms

Currently, Athens-Clark County does not require an actual permit to shoot, nor does it require any fees.

All that is required of productions is to notify the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office located at:
301 College Avenue, Suite 102
Athens, GA 30601
Phone: 706-613-3795

Business Licenses
A business license is required to do business within the city. Certificate of insurance naming the Unified Government as additionally insured required, including General liability ($1 million), Workers Comp verification, Additional Insured endorsement, Hold Harmless, and Indemnification must be on file with the Unified Government. A bond certificate may also be necessary to guarantee restoration of locations used. A Business License can be obtained from the Athens-Clarke County Financial Department by calling 706-613-3050.

Production Requirements
The production is responsible for all city costs associated with production activity (police, fire, street use permit, business license, etc). Fire marshal / fire department must be contacted for the required inspections and variances in situations involving burning, blasting, or the use of explosives. Mobile catering units are required to obtain approval from local health department of base operations and are subject to inspection.

Production Companies building substantial sets or props should contact the local building inspection department to determine whether building permits and inspections are necessary. Permits may also be necessary if tents are employed during the filming. Building sites must comply fully with OSHA standards. Use of City Public Works services will be necessary in any alteration of locations (removal of street signs, public markers, etc). Locations must be returned to original condition unless approved by the Unified Government.

It is your responsibility to contact all the necessary public agencies – Police, Fire, Public Works, and Transit – that may need to be notified of your shoot.

The city is required to be included in production credits for motion picture/television filming in city buildings or parks. The city requests to be included in production credits for motion picture /television filming on private property and city streets.