Sprockets Music Video Festival - 2013 Judges

SPROCKETS MUSIC VIDEO Festival - 2014 Judges

Alyssa DeHayes - Publicist at TeamClermont Music PR, Columnist/Blogger, Owner Arrowhawk Records [bio]
Caroline Bottomley - Founder/Managing Director, Radar Music Videos [bio]
David Barbe - Musician/Producer/Engineer, Director of UGA Music Business Program [bio]
Louis Calabro - Director of Awards/Special Events at the Academy of Canadian Cinema, Prism Prize Founder/Director [bio]
Vince Mancini - Writer/Comedian/TV presenter, Founding Editor of FilmDrunk.com [bio]

2013 Judges Bios

Alyssa DeHayes

Alyssa DeHayes arrived in Athens, GA for college in 2005, and was lucky enough to land an elusive full time job and enough side-hustles to keep her around town. 

Alyssa has handled national publicity and media relations for record labels and independent artists at Team Clermont since 2009. Her experience in this field lends it self to a public relations column for the artist resource company Sonicbids. One year ago, she founded Arrowhawk Records (BAMBARA, Dream Boat, Feverer,) and she operates a blog and sometimes-online-boutique called Arrowhead Vintage

She and her co-conspirators find punny entertainment in creating websites like the Parks & Rec inspired Tom Haverfoods or the True Detective themed Music Industry Rust Cohle, which worked their way to the likes of Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and more. 

Over the years she's assisted The 40 Watt Club and Ciné with public relations, and dabbled in music photography gigs for local and national outlets. 


Caroline Bottomley

Caroline Bottomley set up and manages RadarMusicVideos, an award-winning network of over 10,000 music videos directors worldwide. Radar helps labels and artists commission exciting, engaging music videos for affordable budgets. Majors, independent labels, managers and DIY artists use the service and last year over 100 music videos were commissioned.

Caroline started her career as a successful club and live promoter at Sheffield venue, The Leadmill. She then worked in TV production on many award-winning programmes, before launching Radar. Radar began as a music video festival in 2007 and become the current commissioning network model in 2009.

She’s a regular speaker at conferences, about the business of music video. She a jury member for the UK Music Video Awards. She has an MBA specialising in marketing and is a member of AIM.


David Barbe

David Barbe in a music engineer, producer, musician and songwriter,  and is the director of the Music Business Certificate Program at the University of Georgia. He has lived in Athens, Georgia since 1981 is Chief Engineer of Chase Park Transduction studio, which opened in 1997. David has worked on hundreds of recording projects as engineer, producer, musician and writer.

The list of artists with whom he was worked includes  Deerhunter, Drive-By Truckers, Dead Confederate and Son Volt. Barbe is known for his work as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and bass guitarist in Sugar, Mercyland, and Buzz Hungry, as well as solo performances. 

(photo by David Manningfilm)


Louis Calabro

Louis Calabro is the Director of Awards and Special Events at the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, as well as Founder and Director of the Prism Prize, a national arts award presented to the best Canadian music video of the year.

In 2005, Calabro co­founded Goin' Steady Productions, acting as DJ and producer for 200+ events in Toronto and Montréal, including the long ­running Goin' Steady and Chronologic dance parties.

Calabro has performed original stage material at such prestigious events as Nuit Blanche and Trampoline Hall and in 2006 began the performance series, The End of the Internet featuring best­selling Canadian poet, Christian Bök and Baltimore absurdist composer Dan Deacon. Calabro's first text, Stop Here on Red Signal 96 was published by Lyrical Myrical Press in 2005.

A graduate of the University of Toronto with a Major in Cinema Studies, Louis lives and works in Toronto.


Vince Mancini

Vince Mancini is a writer, comedian, film critic, and podcaster best known as the founding editor of the humor-focused-but-seriously-film-obsessed website FilmDrunk.com, now part of the Uproxx network. He's a graduate of the prestigious MFA program in creative writing at Columbia University where he almost had a class with James Franco, and a survivor of the Gathering of the Juggalos, where he appeared in the documentary Whoop Dreams and watched a guy cut off his nipple for money. These days you can find his work on FilmDrunk, the FilmDrunk Frotcast, the Portland Mercury, stages in and around San Francisco, and all over his mom's refrigerator.